Oil on canvas, 16″ x 20″


This place, deep within the forest, makes itself known to me every Autumn when the deciduous Maple and Hazelnut trees emblazon a bright saffron splendour, set off by the rich dark greens of the surrounding conifers.

The gentle sweeps of their boughs brings to mind the beautiful triquetra symbol, a trinity of intertwined vesica pisces shapes that evince the power of three in an unending intertwining Celtic knot symbolizing the birth-life-death cycle, or body-mind-spirit, maiden-mother-crone, father-son-holy ghost — and the infinite interconnectedness of all things.

The threesome prevailing here in the forest in Autumn is past-present-future. More than any other season, it is Autumn that makes me think of the passage of time. The frenzy and fecundity of Spring and Summer is over, their fruits evident all ’round us; now is the time to revel in the glory of harvest gold; and look forward to the quiet rest of Winter on its way.


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