Here I have something very special for you.

An exceptionally beautiful film by the exceptionally talented cinematographer Isaac Carter of ICandyFilms and musician Noel Fudge of — taking us through the seasons of a year in the forest.
Created as a companion film to the book


Wanderings, Paintings & Ponderings From the Forest

“This is a short documentary immersing you into the beauty and wonder experienced in the remote forest of the Slocan Valley, in the Selkirk Mountains of SE British Columbia, Canada — through the eyes of Artist/Writer/Forest Walker Barbara Brown.

It is a soothing and inspiring meditation of a film that takes you, soulfully, through the seasons of a year in the wild woods, pondering the meaning of beauty in our lives, and deepening your connection with nature.”

~ Come, let’s go for a walk together …in the forest.

This film is available for sale as part of the ‘Special Gift Set’, with the book, from my Etsy shop.

And here are some little snippets, my own amateur videos, sharing moments of forest magic with you from my daily walks in the woods:

Buttercups in the meadow at Solstice

☀️ 💛 Solstice is upon us! June 20 💛 ☀️

Distilled sunshine in the field of Buttercups, dancing lazily in the warm summer breezes of Solstice. Today Juncos and Wild Turkeys broke into their own song & dance, protecting their ground nests as I wander by. Robins were singing their hearts out. Swallowtail Butterflies so beautiful as they fluttered by. I heard a hawk calling from beyond sight way up above in the blue infinite as they rode the same breezes the Buttercups danced to, on this, the very last day of Spring. Shortest night of the year tonight, with still a little light in the sky even after 10pm as our beloved Earth spirals through her own dance through the heavens, carrying us along with her.

Solstice Blessings to all!

Frog Chorus

Springtime! The frog chorus has started up in earnest jubilation celebrating the return of warmer days here in the wetland at the edge of the forest. Every year I have searched and searched in vain to actually see one of these songsters while they perform this annual concert, …and this was finally the day! Success at last!! Here one shows himself, sweet little guy singing his heart out! I looked up frogs in my Ted Andrews, ‘Animal Speak’ book, and when one shows up in your life it signifies new starts, invitations, and productive solitary efforts! I’ll take it! For First Nations they are a symbol of Happiness.

Winter Wren

Oh how this made my day today! Walking along on the edge of the forest I became aware of a familiar little “tchik tchik tchik” coming from a nearby brush pile, a sound that never fails to put a smile on my face and that I hadn’t heard since early last Spring –my dear sweet friend Winter Wren! She didn’t break into her wondrous full song for me today but wonder of wonders she did sit still for a time letting me watch her quietly. Oh how I hope she’ll make this brush pile her home for the winter, bringing such joy to my days!