This morning, heading up the path into the forest I heard a “crash, crash, crash”, through the bush not far from me.

I knew it was something big ~ likely either elk or bear, to make that much commotion!  So, of course my curiosity got the better of my caution and I had to sneak a peak around that next corner where it had crashed away off towards.

And there, from behind some bushes, sneaking a peak back at me, was a beautiful, glossy-coated, black-as-black-can-be young bear.  I could just see the top of his head with his Teddy-bear ears; and his gorgeous, clear, present rich brown eyes looking directly into my own and glinting with such intelligence it took my breath away.

What struck me, in the moment, was how so alike we were; the shared experience we were having.  We two were equal, having the same feelings, thoughts and actions.  Curious, cautious, respectful; intelligent.

As we gazed into each others eyes we had a shared moment of equality of consciousness that I will never forget.

Then we both, simultaneously, turned quietly, and, honouring each other, walked calmly away in our opposite directions.