and the inextricable connection between them

When we witness beauty, profound beauty, it near to breaks our hearts.

A beautiful piece of music makes us cry.

Beautiful actions, expressions of love between beings also bring us to tears.

We feel we can hardly bear the poignancy of such beauty.

The emotion that we feel in its presence is sadness ~

a deep and graceful, even joyous, sadness.

We can’t feel those deep joys without feeling sadness ~

they are inextricably connected.

And what about sadness?

Is there beauty in sadness, just as there is sadness in beauty?

When the sadness is pure,

not mixed with fear and not the result of any wrong-doing;

then I believe it is somehow a beautiful feeling,

one to be embraced and leaned into.

When we do embrace it, we come upon the same grace we find in beauty.

There will always be a life lesson there to find, which brings us to profound joy.

The joy of being alive.

Beautiful life ~ so beautiful that it hurts.