Oil on Canvas 16″ X 12″

This Cedar grove,
~ living pillars reaching straight for the heavens,
dappled light filtered through green and gold like stained glass,
lofty arched boughs
~ open spaciousness filled to brimming with palpable spiritual power
~ sings with silent energy.
Sacred space.


The great Gothic cathedrals of the Middle Ages were designed and built with the express purpose of uplifting the human spirit; moving us toward enlightenment:
~ positioned on sites of powerful natural earth energies held sacred since the beginnings of time
~ shaped using sacred geometry to imbue the architecture with proportions of divine creation
~ configured in order to produce harmonic resonances of sound and energy that would enhance the life force of worshippers
~ created so that the nature of the interior light would elevate the soul.

 (Modern quantum physicists have found that light behaves both as particles and as waves.  Medieval builders stained the glass in the cathedral windows in such a way that the wave attribute of light would shine through but the matter particles aspect would be stopped.  Today, we don’t know how they did it.)

Much of this knowledge has been lost.

It feels to me though that the forest has this knowing ~ within the architecture of the forest we are naturally uplifted and brought into communion with the divine.

Cedar groves have been described as the dwelling places of the gods.


~Barbara Brown, from Volume I, SYLVAN REFLECTIONS, Wanderings, Paintings & Ponderings From the Forest, Page 29