Rise Up Rooted! Experience the Beauty and the Wonder of the Forest

Nourish your Soul with the Beauty and the Wonder of the Forest


For this wonderfully inspiring “Rise Up Rooted Wellness Symposium” I am delighted to be able to offer you three gifts to bring the forest into your life.

These three gifts share with you the love I feel for the forest. I hope they will inspire you to

“Rise Up Rooted!”

 and honour your connection with Nature:



First, I have high resolution pdfs of four of the forest paintings –one for each season– from my book SYLVAN REFLECTIONS: Wanderings, Paintings & Ponderings From the Forest. These are of high enough quality for you to be able to print them to hang in your house or give as gifts:

Marilyns Forest



Fallen Cedar/Rising Dragon



Larch StarBurst



Deep Winter Portals




Second, I would love to gift to you the 21 minute long film that goes along with my book. It is an immersion into the beauty and wonder experienced in the forest here where I live and walk daily, in the Interior Temperate Rainforest of SE British Columbia, Canada. It is a soothing and inspiring, meditative film that takes you, soulfully, through the seasons of a year in the wild woods, pondering the meaning of beauty in our lives, and deepening your connection with nature. “Come, let’s go for a walk together …in the forest.”

This is a private link for you to watch on my youtube channel or to download to have as your own:

Click on the picture to be taken to YouTube to the film 




Third, I offer you a 9 minute guided Forest Meditation video. Follow the sound of my voice guiding you into the forest, with the gentle burbling of the creek in the background, while you gaze on my 16 forest paintings featured in the book. Dive deep and reconnect with nature …your own true nature.

Click on the picture to be taken to Vimeo to the video