Follow along with me here, in your imagination

We can feel spiritual blissfulness through experiencing beauty.  Beauty can move us so deeply in nature, in the forest ~ through our senses; it is with this body that we’ve been given, with its great capacities to feel, that we experience the beauty that surrounds us.  This is an amazing gift of life ~ the joy of beauty experienced through our physical bodies.

In the forest, when we stop our minds and place our awareness in our physical senses, all our stresses and troubles and busynesses fall away; we come into the here and now, become present in the moment and are filled with awe at the beauty of nature, of life, of wild and free, that surrounds us.  We connect with our creative source, our own true nature.  This connection to the beauty that we experience and the wonder that we feel, is the tonic, the medicine, that can heal us.

Follow along with me here, in your imagination:

Imagine yourself in the forest.  Envelope yourself with its healing green.  Smell the pine, the soil, the clean fresh air.  Hear the wind rustling in the aspens, the ‘cheerios’ of the robins.  Feel the breezes on your skin, the earth beneath you, supporting you.

See the sunlight shining through those leaves ~ take it in.  Sink your awareness into the microscopic world of mosses and tiny creatures at your feet ~ take it in.  Gaze up and travel out through the treetops into the blue infinite ~ take it in.  These are gifts of the forest in its beauty.  Feel the rush of awe and wonder that floods your being ~ and soothes you.  Let yourself be transported ~ nothing is wrong anymore ~ be at peace and in joy.


As an artist, it’s the experiencing of beauty that inspires me to paint ~ to try to capture and share the images that I see that open me up so wide.