After a difficult week of sorrow, leave-taking, confusion of feelings, relief, drama and frustration:

This afternoon, as I stopped for a while in the forest, in an attempt to settle myself:

I laid myself down and curled up for a nap, wanting to sink my troubles down and out of me into Mother Earth through the thick mossyness at the feet of a friend, a sympathetic young yew tree I wrapped myself around and snuggled up against seeking oblivion.

However, the forest had other plans for me.


I was conspired against:

~ squirrel, not six feet away, needing desperately to proclaim my presence as far and wide as he could;

~ raven, whooshing wings round and round through the tree tops above me, responding to my earlier attempts at conversation (mimicking him with no idea of what I was saying);

~ a second raven, back-and-forthing with some unknown melodic caller (perhaps owl?);

~ then a jay, a gorgeous shiny Stellar unable to contain his rambunctious exuberance.

Oh well.

All I could do was give-over, and laugh, and welcome in the comfort and regeneration I had been seeking with the nap.