A review of my work from Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters.org:

“You are invited into deep intimacy with a forest that can heal you from the inside out, through the extraordinary experience of one who chose to go deep and then share that beauty with the rest of us”


Capturing the Enchantment of the Forest




Author of the book:


Wanderings, Paintings & Ponderings from the Forest

Envision a world where nature in all her beauty is revered …where we have fallen back in love with the natural world in all her divine beauty. It is my greatest desire that my work, my gifts, help to foster this love, this connection …for we take care of what we love.

Welcome! Let’s enter the forest together…

I am an artist/author/forest-walker on a mission to bring to you the beauty and the wonder of the forest.

From my home in the wild & remote forest in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, and from my 21 year practice of walking in the forest daily, I share with you my love of the forest.

It is my mission to help people deepen their connection with nature …through my paintings of the forest where I live, and my writings, photography and films about spending time in the forest—through sharing my love of the forest and how it inspires and soothes—I hope to help you to appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Slow down, get grounded and calmed so that you connect with your own true nature—your life is enriched and some healing happens.





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A trailer for the SYLVAN REFLECTIONS book:

(see the full 17 minute film on my ‘About Me’ page)

“If you can’t get out into the forest today,
come, let me take you there, come along with me.
With my paintings, and writings, I want to give you a place to go
~ similar to the way we can ‘travel’ when we listen to music ~
I want to give you a place where you can rest your eyes and excite your soul,
open your heart and soothe your nerves.
A view of healing green magic.
Come, let’s go for a walk together, in the forest . . .”

~Barbara Brown, SYLVAN REFLECTIONS: Wanderings, Paintings & Ponderings From the Forest, p. 4



Bring the beauty & the wonder of the forest into your life & into your home


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Forest Canvas Print featuring the painting Cathedral by Barbara Brown


“Inviting, inspiring, relaxing…a beautiful book of real art! Shipped quick.”

“I feel that I have just taken a walk with you through the forest. As someone who has been practically bedbound since last December … this is so good for my soul, my spirit. I am a meditator, and the commentary, music and beautiful, exquisite images of the forest with all its magic and hidden life are inspirational. Thank you, blessings, namaste💗”

“In a world full of power lines, motor cars and ringing phones- this work is a breath of fresh air and a pause – to absorb such beauty. You transform my days. You share that the planet is indeed a beautiful world. 🇳🇿💖”

“Your book is exquisite, as are your paintings. You have a gift.”

“Wow, such a lovely book full of forest beauty and wisdom.”

“Barbara has captured the essence of the human soul and its magical connection to nature through her well written thoroughly enjoyable book.”

“Loved your book Barbara. Couldn’t put it down. It now lives next to my bed for easy connection. Many thanks 🙏♥️🌲”

“Your book sends tingles all over my body and anyone who has felt those feelings while in the forest will be touched as for those who are not forest people, they will be drawn to become forest people because of your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your passion.”

“This book is so beautiful, the artwork, poems, the journey through the forest, I love it. I really feel that I am journeying with the author through the forest. A true blessing”

“The creativeness of her writing combined with illustrations of her beautiful nature oil paintings are taking the reader in Barbara’s magic world right away. The architectural elements along with the nature and words…Beautiful!!”

“I love your work and your passion in everything you do. You are so talented and I appreciate you sharing your beautiful photos and paintings. Your knowledge in your writings all combined take us so many places that most of us would never experience. Thank you sweet lady. 🤗”

“I received the book last week and I have been enjoying it before sleep to relax and revel in nature’s goodness!

“AMAZING! The art that comes through you touches my soul. Such an inspiration!”

“As I gazed at your Cathedral painting, I felt a rush of feeling throughout my body I have come to call an integrated feeling of the sacred magical and connected sense of myself as an integral holy (wholey) part of Universe (as Buckminster Fuller called this Intelligence/Emergence we are all participating in as an evolving entity).  Wow!”

“I just want to be there…. inside these beautiful paintings…. feel the magic, breathe in the freshness and listen to the sounds of hidden creatures.”

“This is breathtaking! Your attention to the forest details is exquisite …… of course the elves love it here! 😉🍃.”

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5% of my sales revenues is donated to TreeSisters via Work For Goodreforesting rainforests around the world, empowering women to take on nature-based leadership roles, and inspiring us all to raise our consciousness from being consumers to becoming restorers.

Financial support for the creation of the book and paintings is gratefully acknowledged:

Columbia Basin Trust, British Columbia Arts Council, Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance and Slocan Valley Community Arts Council