Oil on Canvas Board  16″ X 12″

Just as Spring is thinking about becoming Summer, the Honeysuckle swirlingly shows itself off as a herald of warmth to come.

Whirling and flirting, it dances its way round its chosen partner
~ here the Hazelnut, who modestly and supportively leans into the dance.

The Honeysuckle Vine strikes me as a very sensuous plant,
~ entwining itself around another,

~ expressing a delicate yet passionate orange delight for the eye

~ each flower with its tiny exquisite droplet of honey nectar tasting of the gods.

How can we help but smile and even laugh aloud with joy when coming upon one in the forest in Springtime.


Honeysuckle (or Woodbine) ~ a vine symbolic of devoted love, prosperity, generosity, psychic powers and intuition. 

Beneficial in the treatment of sore throats and respiratory problems.

Hazelnut ~ a shrub symbolic of marriage, abundance, family happiness, creativity and inspiration, divination and protection. 

Considered to hold ancient knowledge, eating the nuts will heighten awareness and grant wisdom. 

Today, scientists tell us the nuts are excellent food for brain function.


~Barbara Brown, Volume I, SYLVAN REFLECTIONS: Wanderings, Paintings & Ponderings From the Forest, Page 9