Imagining Cougar

A Meditation:

Calling Spirit Animal to Come

I imagine I sit in stillness in the forest in the night,

my back to a sheltering tree,

senses alive in the darkness.

Fear is up within me, excitement,

…and courage arises as I call for it.

In this black night alive with anticipation

I invite what/who-ever wants to join me

…and Cougar comes

The small hairs on the back of my neck stand up in greeting,

my animal nature meets her,

with all senses heightened, I have never felt so alive.

Cougar sits down just behind my left shoulder,

joins me in the darkness.

My fear subsides

…and I know her companionship.

I ask how best can I know

the lessons, the wisdom, the beauty

of the forest…

She begins her teaching to me of the wild…

Cougar embodies these questions

–her mystery, her wild instinctive knowing,

her self-possession, her grace

–and oh my her beauty!

She is magnificent, a perfection of relaxed power.

Instincts so fine.

Senses so attuned.

Body supple and strong.

Fur soft, blended tawny to umber, gold to buff, groomed sleek.

She sits back on her haunches, self-contained, regal.

Tail circled ’round her oh-so-long and lean,

resting but ever-alert, dark tip lifting and inquisitively swaying

with the subtlest of movements.

And then there are those eyes…

hooded, fathomless pools of deep brown luminous mystery.

Looking out from her sovereign soul.

Old and patient.

She waits for me