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reforesting rainforests around the world,

empowering women to take on nature-based leadership roles, and

inspiring us all to raise our consciousness from being consumers to becoming restorers.

I am proud and happy to be donating 5% of my sales revenues to the cause!


Know that you are planting trees with every purchase!


TreeSisters article:


TreeSisters ~ a global movement inviting us all to embrace a new way of being on this planet

…and it all starts with the feeling of reverence: the feeling of love and awe at the miraculous, inconceivable beauty of the living Earth. As we get back in touch with these feelings our consciousness will shift and we will learn to treat her with the deep respect and honour that will bring us and her back into balance.

A fundamental evolutionary shift of consciousness is called for –a paradigm shift away from the belief and subsequent behaviour that nature is here for us to use, and to use up, without reciprocity; to the conducting of ourselves as integral parts within the whole system of life on the planet.

The word ‘human’ derives from the same root as ‘humus’, meaning ‘soil’ –we are of the earth; and it is critical now for us to get back in touch with this truth. In TreeSisters, what we call for now is for humans to become a ‘Restorer’ species rather than ‘Consumer’ –giving back, living in harmony with all other beings and accepting our responsibility to care for our one and only home, Earth.

TreeSisters has a comprehensive plan for this massive undertaking, comprised of two fronts:

  1. Planting trees! Widely recognized as the single most effective way to ameliorate climate change and restore ecological balance on the planet, TreeSisters is currently planting over 2.5 million trees a year to reforest the fast-growing tropical rainforests, and is aiming for an ambitious 1 billion/year.
  2. Empowering women around the world to step into leadership roles. It is feminine nature-based leadership that is called for now to restore nature’s balance on Earth. Through courses, meditations and teachings that guide us into the inner work of self-discovery needed to embrace our feminine power; through interviews and conversations with women thought-leaders; and through a supportive community –both online and on the ground; TreeSisters is inspiring, nurturing and encouraging women to shine our light, bring forth our gifts, speak our wisdom, and claim our leadership.

TreeSisters is implementing these (r)evolutionary initiatives while modelling a culture of reverence for nature and for the planet. By embracing the beauty and the wonder of the natural world we are uplifted and inspired to take right action. By connecting with nature as sacred, we reconnect with our own true sacred nature, for we are, of course, of nature ourselves.

What we love and feel most connected to we’ll protect.

The restoration will run deep and wide.

My own experience of TreeSisters has been profoundly empowering. First of all it just feels so good, to plant trees and to support the feminine rising –I donate monthly, and I donate a percentage of all my business revenue in aid of the TreeSister’s charity, and feel such joy in doing so. Secondly the community is so supportive and enheartening; the feeling of belonging to such a positive, sanguine and wise group of women is priceless.

And third, the teachings within TreeSisters have fostered within me deep inner growth, encouraging me to shine my light as an artist and author, on a mission to share my love of the forest where I live and have a daily walking practice of twenty years.
 Through my work I strive to share the beauty and the wonder I experience in the forest, and to inspire others to those feelings.

As we take on the huge challenges ahead of us, turning the massive cappat machine around, learning to become the ‘Restorer’ species our planet so needs us to become, we need ways to recharge our own energy banks. We need to keep ourselves strong and balanced, grounded and inspired –and the embracing of nature herself, through the astounding beauty she offers freely to us, all around us, wherever she is –can give us the energy we need to carry on.

We can look to the beauty of the sky, let in the magic of birdsong, open our hearts to the dandelion growing in the crack of the sidewalk, stop and breathe in with deep appreciation the scent of a rain shower –use the senses we’ve been given by nature to refill our depleted reserves. As we go about our busy days, we can lean into these moments of nature’s beauty, let them in, let ourselves be filled up with them, and feel ourselves refreshed, uplifted, reconnected. Feel the awe, the wonder –the reverence. Let these feelings be the antidote, the counterbalance, for whenever we are feeling discouraged or fatigued.

Radical Reverence –TreeSisters’ call to action.

~Barbara Brown

Author of SYLVAN REFLECTIONS: Wanderings, Pantings & Ponderings From the Forest