On BEAUTY, As We Come to It in the FOREST

This is a short documentary film taking you on a meditative journey into the forest, revelling in the beauty of Nature and pondering the nature of Beauty.

Featuring myself, Slocan Valley ‘Artist of the Forest,’ Barbara Brown, it is filmed in the Interior Temperate Rainforest of the Selkirk and Valhalla Mountains by Isaac Carter of ICandy Films (ICandyFilms.com) with sound design by Noel Fudge of Sandhill Studios (NoelFudge.ca).

Open your senses, feel your wild animal nature, and breathe in the wisdom of the woods.

Spend a luscious, contemplative half-hour with me, inspiring you to bring Nature’s beauty into your everyday life.

This film takes you on a deep meditative dive into the nature of beauty to be discovered in the forests of the Slocan Valley of southeast British Columbia, Canada.

Written and narrated by myself, with gorgeous forest footage by filmmaker Isaac Carter, and a stunning soundtrack by composer Noel Fudge, you are taken on a journey of exploration into the teachings of the forest.


Let’s revel in the beauty of Nature, and ponder the nature of Beauty, as we come to it in the forest.

Length: 26:33 Minutes