‘Wall of Woods’

Oil on Canvas 12″ X 9″

This wall of trees, marching up and away,
rank upon rank; fir and pine, spruce and larch, hemlock, cedar and aspen;
such a rich and diverse array for contemplation.

From a favourite high perch on the mountainside,
looking across a little valley to this hillside beyond;
I feel I could sit and gaze forever into that forest.

It radiates both peaceful stillness, and the vital energy of life.

I imagine I can hear it breathing.


With the wispy ribbon of mistiness winding towards you from the beyond,

I hope to give you a passageway, bringing the forest to you and

revealing the depths and distances traveled by the eye.


This Inland Temperate Rainforest in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, is the Earth’s only one of its kind, a wet belt resulting from weather systems, laden with precipitation from the Pacific Ocean almost 500 miles away, rising over the coastal mountains and bringing down a lot of snow and a fair bit of rain when they come up against the heights of the Columbia and Rocky Mountain Ranges. It is a lush and diverse ecosystem, boasting a huge variety of tree species, mosses, ferns and lichens.


~Barbara Brown, from Volume I, SYLVAN REFLECTIONS, Wanderings, Paintings & Ponderings From the Forest, Page 55